Just a Little Sunday Poetry

Good Evening and Happy Sunday to you all. I wanted to use this Sunday’s blog to post a poem I had penned so this blog post will be much shorter compared to my usual posts.

Here recently, I have been coming across a lot of negative comments from little girls of color who are struggling to love themselves. The majority of the comments I read have to do with their skin hue or color which I found to be disheartening. Some find their own skin color to be repulsive, some see their skin color as a badge of shame and others simply wished that they were of another color. We all know the history and stigma behind brown or dark skin which is why so many minority people struggle with identity issues today. I am a firm believer that self love is the best love and I feel that it is very important for us to teach our children at an early age regardless of their color to love every aspect of themselves.


Most of the comments I read came from little girls who are African, African American, South Asian Indian, Dominican, Puerto Rican and Brazilian. There were a number of them who expressed a desire to lighten their skin color because they felt it would help them be accepted. Seeing how I am an Aunt and a Mentor, I wanted to write something that would help them to not only appreciate themselves, but to also love themselves which brings me to the open letter / poem I wrote below. I posted this on my Instagram early this morning and I have received quite the response in the form of direct messages. If you are a brown girl (whether you are a light brown or a dark brown) and you are struggling to accept your skin color, I hope this post and the open letter / poem I penned below will help you to appreciate the person that you are. Do not change who you are just to be accepted, find someone who will accept YOU for who YOU are.


Until next time…

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