Family Matters

Family is the most important thing in the world to me. Social status, money, not even friends can compete with the love that I have for my relatives. My kin means everything to me and I would not have it any other way. We are always motivating each other and seeing the best in each other because we know and recognize our own personal struggles and how far each of us has come. Granted, from time to time we may argue and fight like cats and dogs, but by the end of the day we are laughing, cutting up and loving on each other like nothing ever happened. We waste no time making up to each other because life is too short to stay mad at the ones you love. Tomorrow is never a guarantee because we never know what tomorrow may bring.


The family dynamics of today has changed so much because of the strong presence of social media and entertainment. Instead of most families spending quality time with their loved ones, they would much rather let their television, tablets or phone entertain them. Let us not forget our pursuit of work. Some people are so focused on their jobs and getting ahead in life that their family sadly pays the price. Ask yourself, “Where is my main focus?” One must never be fooled into thinking that gadgets and money can replace the value of spending quality time with the ones you love. If there was ever a BIG lie that was told, that was one of them. It is a fact that as time goes on, one may forget all of the things you have given them, but the one thing they will never forget is how you treated them and how you made them feel.


Sad to say, some people come from families who do not show love or grew up in a household where there was no love. To those individuals, not all hope is lost. Both of my parents came from a household where very little love was shown, but that did not stop them from showing me and the rest of my siblings what true love is and what it means.  Love is gentle, respectful, patient and kind. Love does not hurt, scheme, betray or lie. My parents have always said that family is one of our greatest possessions and that you cannot put a price tag on that. What are your thoughts? Do you agree? I will be the first to admit that I am proud of my family tree.

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2 thoughts on “Family Matters”

  1. It is indeed refreshing to see one normal family among a sea of dysfunctional ones; you indeed have a great gift to celebrate. With more love less divorce, less domestic violence, less child abuse. Family love, what a concept!

    Of course, next to the love of family is the love of neighbor which includes the love of enemies; that is where the loving gets really tough.

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