Questions from Readers (Part 2)

Since I embarked on my writing journey two years ago, I have received a number of emails from readers alike inquiring to know more about me. I am never alarmed when I receive these types of emails because I want readers to get to know me and my reasons for the stories that I write. Although I may not respond to each email right then and there, I do make a point to respond as soon as I get a chance. Sometimes it may take a while before I respond, but I never allow any email I receive to go unanswered. I am grateful for every email I receive and I look forward to receiving many more. With that be said, let’s get to it!


  • What made you want to become a writer? My love for writing. I love penning stories and poems for other people to read and I love writing the unexpected. My books are a lot like my blog, you never know what I will write or say next.
  • Who are your favorite writers? Alice Walker, Gloria Naylor, Toni Morrison and Lorraine Hansberry.
  • How would you describe your writing style? My writing style is a mixture of descriptive and narrative.
  • Are you a full-time writer? Currently I write part-time, but I can assure you that I am getting pretty close to becoming a full-time writer.
  • Did you go to college? If so, what college did you attend and what did you major in? I attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham and I received a Bachelors in Health Administration and a Minor in Health Education.
  • Is there a subject or topic you would oppose to writing about? No. No topic is off limits to me.
  • What is your favorite food? Japanese.
  • What is your favorite color? Turquoise.
  • How would you describe your personal style? My style ranges from casual to sporty to bohemian. Heels, makeup and lipstick are not really “my thing.” To each its own.
  • How would you describe your personality type? I have a very strong personality, but I am Type B all the way.

Keep those questions coming! Until next time…

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