Spurned: A Bullying Survivor’s Story

For the past two days, I have given readers the opportunity to download Spurned: A Short Story for FREE on Amazon. Since then, a large number of readers have downloaded this short story and it is currently ranked at #5 on Amazon under the category of Bullying. To be able to offer a story with events that were taken from my own personal life has been an honor. I am not ashamed of anything I have written in Spurned because it was something that I intended to write. I wrote what I wrote on purpose and for a purpose because this was a story I was itching to tell. If I can help someone by sharing parts of my own story I will not hesitate to do it.


Yes, I was bullied as a child but you know what? I survived it. I am here, I am still standing and I am a much stronger person than I was before. There is a saying in my family that “we are survivors of our hardships and not victims” because we are always triumphing over our trials. Trials are like storms, they can sometimes be devastating but they are only temporary. So far, I have received quite a few emails from readers who were touched by Spurned and I hope to receive more. Everyone has a story to tell, Spurned happens to be one of mine.

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