Am I Wrong For Feeling This Way?

It was mentioned to me today that I need to focus on increasing the amount of “likes” I get on a blog and Instagram post. Why? That is not my focus nor do I care. So what if I do not get many “likes” on a blog post or  Instagram post. As long as my content is engaging readers that is all that matters. “Likes” mean nothing to me if you really want me to be completely honest. I am more focused on how my writing impacts readers because at the end of the day, that is what matters the most to me as a writer.


It was suggested to me once again to buy likes for my blog and Instagram posts so I can be more popular. C’mon now, really? BookingAnita does NOT and will NEVER pay for ANYONE to like a post that I make. It is not that serious. If you are looking for me to care about the number of “likes” I get on a post, stop looking because I never will. Instead of focusing on the amount of “likes” you get, focus on the merit or value of your post. That to me is much more important. You cannot put a price tag on that.

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