Taking a Stand Against Bullying

A new school year has begun and for most students this is an exciting time. It is a time for them to connect with old friends, to make new friends and to discover new thrills. For some students, the new school year is far less exciting. Why? Because these students are the targets of bullies. Instead of feeling excited and motivated about the new school year, they are consumed with dread, anxiety and fear. School bullies are growing at an alarming rate and the number of bullying victims is growing as well. The school halls, classrooms and lunch rooms are no longer a safe place for some students. These are now perfect opportunities for bullies to zone in and torment their victims.


The level of emotional distress and mental anguish bullying victims experience can be unbearable. I know because I was a victim of childhood bullying. You go through periods of anger, depression and sometimes rebellion because all you want to do is lash out. There was a time when I woke up every morning nervous and shaky because I knew what was waiting for me when I got to school. No child should ever have to experience that.


Ask yourself, “How many students have to end up dying by suicide before someone realizes that we have a serious problem? How many videos have to be uploaded showing bullies attacking their victims?” If everyone does their part to help take a stand against bullying, we can reduce the amount of children we lose each year by suicide. I personally feel that the teachers and the school boards are not doing enough to help reduce the amount of bullying that goes on within schools. Some turn a blind eye to it; others barely want to intervene. I find such educators (if you want to call them that) disgusting and repugnant!

At the end of the day, parents send their children to school to learn and to grow, but how can that happen for a child that is being bullied? If everyone plays a small role in standing up to bullies or reporting their destructive behaviors, they can make a world of a difference in the life of a bullied child.  Not only that, they may end up saving someone’s life.


Starting today I am offering Spurned, a short story about bullying for FREE. It is my hope that this story will inspire and ignite hope in those who are being bullied or has experience bullying. Remember, what does not kill you makes you stronger. I know, because I am one tough cookie with a heart of steel that is covered in gold.


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