Important Book Dates

September 30th and October 1st is just around the corner. Underneath the Pecan Tree releases September 30th and my debut novel Poka City Blues will be available in paperback October 1st. I am honored that so many readers requested Poka City Blues to be made available in paperback. For starters, this is a story that is near and dear to my heart. Poka City Blues is inspired by real life events taken mainly from my mother’s life and it is a story that is told in its rawest form. Who would have thought that a story based on my mother’s life would go on to inspire a number of readers? I for one would have never imagined the amount of paperback requests I have received thus far.

Available in Paperback October 1st

Underneath the Pecan Tree is an upcoming short story that I am very proud of. I cannot even express how ready I am for this story to release!  I accomplished something that I thought I would never be able to accomplish and that is to pen a love story that is truly like no other. My heart races every time I think about this story because I remember how I felt writing it.

Available for Pre-Order


If you want to win a FREE copy of one of my books, there is still time. The rules have not changed. I am still giving away FIVE copies each to ten readers. Simply email me at and tell me which book you would like to win and why. Do not forget to type “Giveaway” in the subject area to keep your email from being marked as SPAM. Winners will be emailed on October 2nd.

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