Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins (Kinda) Work

So, today marks the 30th day for my Sugar Bear Hair vitamin review.  As a favor to my cousin and a few of her friends, I agreed to take this vitamin for a month to see if it does promote hair growth and if it works for Black women. As I stated in my original post regarding this product, I do not believe that a vitamin or pill will miraculously grow longer hair. A healthy scalp and maintaining healthy hair will. I will always stand by that fact. Let us not forget that genetics can also play a role in hair growth as well.

Before I post my results, I will re-post a few facts about myself to give you an idea about me and my hair type(s).

  • My hair is natural; I do not have any chemicals in my hair whatsoever. Whether you are relaxed or natural, wear your hair the way you see fit or choose.
  • I have 3C, 4A & 4B hair textures.
  • My hair on its own grows really fast.
  • My hair sheds a lot despite the rate of my hair growth.
  • I do regular deep treatments once a week because I have low porosity hair. I also like to do weekly deep treatments because of the amount of hair that I shed.


Sugar Bear Hair Vitamin Results

I have no problem admitting that this vitamin worked some. To be honest, I did not think it would work at all. As far as it promoting hair growth, I will go ahead and tell you that it did not work for me.  Seeing how my own hair grows at a fast rate, I did not see where it sped up the rate of my hair growth. With that being said, I did see one area where it did help and that is with shedding. Whenever I would wash my hair, it was normal for me to see medium sized wads of shed hair in my sink. To my surprise while taking this vitamin, I experienced very little shedding. I would be lying if I did not say I was shocked by that result. Kudos to you Sugar Bear for helping me reduce the amount of hair that I shed. That is the one bonus I will give you.

As far as growth goes, I only saw an increase in my nail growth. Seeing how my own nails grow at a fast rate, these vitamins sped up the rate of my nail growth twice as fast. Maybe they should change their name to Sugar Bear Nail vitamins. I kid, I kid. Seriously though, these vitamins increased my nail growth like you would not believe.

So, there you have it. This was my experience taking Sugar Bear Hair vitamins for a month. Your results may be different from mine, but if this is something you really want to try, I do not see any harm trying it for a month. Is this something I would run and tell all of my friends about? Nah. Take care of yourself on the inside and it will reflect on the outside. Do not rely on some special pill or vitamin to do all the work for you. The bulk of it relies on you.


Until next time…

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