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I have always said that my one dream job is to be a full-time writer. Although I am not a full-time writer at this time, I take my responsibility as a writer seriously. Writing, for the most part, provides me the opportunity to write stories that will not only entertain, but also impact lives. When someone stumbles across my blog or reads one of my books, I want them to be enlightened by what they have read. I want my blog and books to leave a footprint on their minds rather than fade like the wind after they have read it. If my blog posts or books fade from a readers mind immediately after they have read it, then I am not doing my job as a writer.


A sincere hope of mine is that my blog and/or books will inspire others to write. The world needs more writers who are not afraid to write from their hearts or speak their raw truths. No sugar coating is allowed in my writing style no matter how uncomfortable it may be at times. The way I see it is this: The story you have inside you may inspire a life or save a life. No one can tell your story but you. So why should I be ashamed of the things that I write? I write for a purpose and I write what I write on purpose.

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