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Hello there and Happy Tuesday to you! I apologize for my late post, but I have been extremely busy. Working full-time and writing has its drawbacks at times, nevertheless it is a worthwhile passion of mine that I do not mind stressing a little over.  First things first, I wanted to give you an update on a few of my writing projects I have been working on. My upcoming short story entitled Underneath the Pecan Tree will be available for pre-order September 16th  on Amazon. That is a two week delay and I sincerely want to apologize about that. I have been so focused on getting my debut novel Poka City Blues in printed form that I fell a little behind on finishing up this exciting short story. I am happy to report that I am on track now and things are going as planned. I do not anticipate any further delays. Whoop! Whoop!

Available for Pre-Order September 16th

Speaking of my debut novel Poka City Blues, I am thrilled to share that on October 1st it will be available in both Kindle and paperback. I am floored at the number of readers who inquired if or when this book will ever be made available in paperback. When I first published this book a little over a year ago, I had no intentions of making it available in paperback. That notion of mine has since changed due to the fact that it is being requested in paperback by a number of readers. The number of readers requesting Poka City Blues in paperback is growing each and every day and I cannot tell you how honored I am to make this book available to other readers. It is going to be pretty exciting for me to see this touching story in printed form.

Available in Paperback October 1st

To show my appreciation and gratitude, I am going to give away five autographed copies of Poka City Blues within the next coming weeks so stay tuned on how you can win your own copy. Adding to that, I am also going to give away five advanced copies of my upcoming short story entitled Underneath the Pecan Tree so be sure to stay tuned for that as well. As a writer, I want to give back to readers because if it was not for them, writing would be pointless. After all, there is no sense in writing a story if there is no one willing to read it. As I continue on my journey as a writer, it is my hope to develop more stories that have the potential to not only entertain, but to ignite hope, empowerment and inspiration.

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