My First and Only Product Review

Disclaimer: I do not do product reviews as a regular practice. I decided to use my blog this one and only time as a favor to a few of my family members to post about my experience and thoughts regarding a specific product.

I was asked not too long ago by a family member about a certain product that is being hailed as the next best hair growth vitamin. She was so excited as she was telling me all about it because it was something she was dying to try. When she told me about this alleged product, she was surprised that I had never heard of it. What is the name of this mysterious product? It is none other than the Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins. Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins are endorsed by a number of celebrities and public figures who claim that this sweet little blue gummy bear improves the quality of your hair while growing your hair. First off, anything heavily endorsed by a number of celebrities and public figures triggers my suspension immediately. Why? Because they are getting paid BIG BUCKS to say that something “works” or “is good for you.”  Just because something is heavily endorsed by a celebrity or public figure, that does not mean it is true or necessarily good for you. I am skeptical about a number of things, taking a special pill or vitamin to grow your hair is one of them.

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When a few of my other relatives found out about this hair growth vitamin, they too began to wonder if it really works and if it did, does it work for Black women.  Seeing how outspoken and open I am on my blog, they asked me if I would try this product for thirty days and blog about my experience. My initial answer was a swift ‘No’ because I am a firm believer that a healthy scalp and healthy hair results in hair growth. Nevertheless, I consented with the intentions of showing them and proving to them that a hair vitamin or hair pill does not and will not work. In order for your hair to grow, you have to take care of it and nurture it. It is as simple as that.

I received my bottle of the Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins three days ago and you better believe I will be blogging about this product weekly along with my usual posts about my writing and current writing projects. I am going to take this product as it is prescribed and I will be taking before, during and after pictures along the way. Will I be impressed at the end of thirty days? Probably not. Will I have to eat my words? I seriously doubt it. Who will be proven wrong? I guess I will have to wait twenty-seven more days to see, but something tells me it will NOT be me.

Until next time….

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