Spurned: More than Just a Story

I was asked recently why I chose to write about bullying in my short story entitled Spurned. My answer is very simple. It is because I experienced childhood bullying myself. Bullying can cause unspeakable damage to a child as they are growing up and trying to find their own place in this world. When you add bullying to the mix, it makes life even more difficult to deal with. I honestly struggled with the idea of writing about my own bullying experiences in this book because I did not know how my raw and brutal honesty would be perceived. I have never liked sugar coating the truth, so as a practice that is something I do not do. If you ask me, honesty is the best policy no matter how difficult or uncomfortable it may be. Besides, bullying has become such a terrible epidemic that I felt it would be beneficial to share my own story. So many children and adolescents feel that suicide is the only way to deal with bullying, but I want them to know that there are other ways to deal with bullying. Not only that, I want them to know that someone other than themselves knows exactly what they are feeling and what they are going through.

A story about bullying

I was teased relentlessly because I had short stubby hair, was tiny, skinny and wore glasses. There were many nights when I wished I could pray my “ugliness” away so the other kids would not pick on me. It took me years to appreciate me and what I stood for and to be honest, I have some regrets because of that. It is my hope that children and adolescents who are currently being bullied will appreciate themselves now rather than years later. I am determined to encourage as many bullied children as I can through Spurned by doing all that I can to get this short story in the hands of bullied children. Anyone can check out a free sample of Spurned on Amazon. If you feel like this would be a good story to encourage a bullied child, please direct them to this book. If you know of a bullied child on the verge of suicide, please reach out to me so that I can provide them a copy of Spurned for FREE. We do NOT need to lose any more children to suicide because of the painful stings of bullying.

Me standing in front of Grandma
Me as a child

There is life after bullying and I want every bullied child to know that with determination and courage they can overcome bullying. Take it from me, what does not kill you makes you stronger and people who know me will tell you that I am one heck of a strong lady. Keep your head up because YOU have so much of YOUR life ahead of you to live.

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