Southbound to Texas

I recently returned from visiting Texas for the first time and if you have been checking out my Instagram, you probably noticed all the pictures I have been posting. Since this was my very first time visiting Texas, I was excited, anxious and a bit nervous. I was excited because I was going to see my younger brother; I was nervous and anxious because I was trying to anticipate the totality of the trip.  Since this was my first time traveling to Texas, I did not know what to expect. This was a family trip that included my parents, my maternal grandmother, my two sisters, my brother-in-law, my two nieces and my nephew. I was not kidding when I said this was a family trip. Instead of flying down to Texas we opted to drive since my grandmother has a fear of flying.  Keep in mind that from Alabama to the part of Texas we visited is a twelve to thirteen hour drive. Can you imagine driving a van full of kinfolk that long? Let me tell you since I was the one doing all the driving, it can be a little exhausting if you are not too keen on driving. Since I am a road warrior and enjoy driving, I did not mind it at all. We ended up renting this awesome Ford transit van that was a breeze to drive and handle. I had to keep reminding myself that I was driving a transit van and not a car because it handled the road so well. People who know me very well will tell you just how much I love large vehicles and trucks. I have always said that one day I am going to get me a raised Ford truck fitted with rails and custom offset wheels!

Our Ford Transit Van Rental

The drive itself was easy because the route we ended up taking took us through Mississippi, Louisiana and straight on into Texas. All was well in my book until we hit Dallas, Texas on up to Temple, Texas. For the life of me, I could not understand why so many Interstate exits were blocked off, closed off or torn down. To add to that annoying inconvenience, I could not understand why so many new Interstate exits were started, but never completed or finished.  Goodness gracious! Texas, you need to do something about that. I have never seen such a thing! Anyways, moving past that, once we made it to the area of Texas we needed to be, all was well. After checking in and dropping off our bags in our hotel rooms, we set out to see my brother and the rest of what Texas had to offer.

Some Good Ole Texas BBQ

For four days, we rode all through different parts of Texas meeting new people, eating new and exciting foods and checking out old country general stores and shops. I must have blinded so many people with my camera because I was constantly snapping pictures. One thing I particularly liked about being in Texas was how friendly and hospitable everyone was. Everyone we came across was eager to tell us about Texas and why they are proud to be a Texan. When it was time for us to pack up and go, I have to admit that I was not ready to leave. I was not ready to bid my younger brother good-bye and I was not ready to leave Texas because there were so many things that we did not get the chance to see. One thing is for sure, I will be back and when I come back I am going to stomp some serious ground! Texas, you better get ready because this little woman is going to make some serious waves when she returns!

Some Old Fashioned Stick Candy

Until next time….

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