Plagiarism in the Literary World

I recently read an article on plagiarism and I was baffled at how some writers and authors have been exposed of plagiarizing their stories. Why??? Why would someone want to do such a despicable thing? Who would stoop that low to write or tell a story? That to me is wrong on so many levels and it speaks volumes of the type of person that they are. Wouldn’t you want credit for coming up with your own amazing story opposed to being exposed and humiliated for copying someone else’s? I would much rather wait until a good idea for a story hits me than steal a story line from someone else. After all, they worked hard to come up with their story. They didn’t write their story for someone else to copy it and take the credit for it. If I ever found out that someone plagiarized one of my stories I would be spitting fire! Every writer wants to pen a great story, but do it at your own creative expense and not someone else’s. Plagiarism is for lazy writers and dull minds. A true writer never plagiarizes.


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