Writing and Jamming to Panic! At The Disco

It’s Saturday morning, 9:30am to be exact and I am sitting here pecking away on my keyboard with music playing in the background. All is well; as a matter of fact things are going really well, but then something odd happened. An amazing song began to play on my radio and before I knew it, I became distracted. I was trying my best to stay focused on my writing, but soon my mind became focused and consumed on finding out the name of this awesome song. As I was scrambling to find out who was playing on my radio, I was surprised to learn that it was Panic! At The Disco and the name of the song is called Death of a Bachelor. Whoa! Seriously, I had to do a double take because this song is entirely different from what I am used to hearing from this amazing and talented group. The beat is amazing, Brendon’s voice is amazing and I was completely pulled into this song from the beginning right down to the end. I couldn’t help myself from playing this song over and over again because in my opinion this song is AWESOME! I did more than snap my fingers to this melodic song, I sung right along with Brendon as I belted out the lyrics at the top of my lungs. Sorry neighbors! This song really got me going this morning and now, just like that, I am ready to tackle a full day’s work of writing.

Thanks Panic! At The Disco!! You ROCK! Time to get back to my writing!


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