Buying Likes and Followers? Get Outta Here!

Ever since I joined Twitter and Instagram I have been bombarded by fake profiles, bots and spammers. They foam all out the mouth uncontrollably spamming me and my inbox about purchasing followers and likes. Seriously? Buying likes and followers?! Get outta here! Buying followers and likes seems, well, pathetic and I would much rather build up my profiles with genuine REAL people than with fake ones. Maybe they feel “sorry” for me because I don’t have a huge following on Twitter, maybe they feel sorry for me because I only get a few likes on Instagram. Listen, let me be very clear, likes and followers is NOT what I pay attention to. Conversations and real interactions with genuinely interested people is all I care about. If someone chooses to follow me because they genuinely find me interesting as a writer, I am all for it since I love meeting new people. It has never crossed my mind to pay someone to follow me or to like any of my posts because to me it is not that serious.


These spammers and bots are in it for the money and I have no doubt based on the amount of spam I get that they are making tons of money supplying likes and fake followers. They don’t care about you, your purpose or your goals in life. They only care about one thing: your money. So don’t get all worked up if you don’t have a lot of followers or get a few likes on a post. Just keep doing you and continue to pursue the things that you love. The followers and likes (if that is what you really care about) will come later as you build up your platform and profile. Save your money for something more meaningful instead of spending it on some numbers because at the end of the day, likes and follows are just that, numbers. You can’t take followers and likes to the bank.

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