Author Inspiration: Ralph Ellison

Every writer has a favorite author that he or she admires. Their amazing stories envelopes them, inspires them and touches them in a way that it motivates them to also create literary works that are just as powerful. One of my favorite authors happens to be the late Ralph Ellison. His literary works were not just powerful, they were (and still are) significant! Ralph Ellison was a man that was not afraid to speak his mind and he proved that time and time again in his writing. Ralph Ellison, like myself, was a fearless writer who was not afraid to ruffle a few feathers when it came to his published works. He was not afraid to write about sensitive subject matter such as racism and prejudice and he was not afraid to cause a little controversy while doing it. Ralph Ellison in my opinion was unique in many ways as an author, but he was one in a million when it came to his writing style and his method of delivery. If you have never heard of Ralph Ellison or read any of his books, check out his first novel The Invisible Man and you will see why he holds a firm place as one of the world’s greatest authors.


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