Character Development

Ahh, it’s that time again. What time? Story time and what an exciting time that is! I’m gearing up for my next story and I am pumped! Writing in itself gets me going, but the best part of writing is writing a story. What I look forward to the most when writing a story is character development. I love developing characters, specifically my main character because I can shape and mold them into whatever my little heart desires. All of my characters are special because they each play an important role, but it is my main character that gets all the juice. The main character must be captivating because he or she has to draw a reader in right from the beginning. That’s a hefty responsibility for a lead character to carry isn’t it? Don’t worry, like most main characters, they can handle it. As with my other two main characters, Sedelia in Poka City Blues and Sonti’ in Spurned, my main character has to possess a level of sass, wit and my personal favorite, sarcasm. I want them to act and behave in a way that no reader has ever seen before, in other words, I want the main character to be unforgettable. I don’t see a character as just a character; I see them more than that. I see them as a living person and that is what I strive for when I’m developing a character, a real person that a reader can relate to.

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