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What is in a blog? Depending on the blogger you ask, that answer can vary considerably. Some blog about food, others blog about fashion, some blog about media and entertainment whereas others blog about science and technology. Regardless of the subject matter, a blog is a very resourceful tool for a writer or blogger (choose whatever term you like) to share their thoughts, experiences and views with the world. A blog in my opinion is a creative outlet for you to share yourself, your world, and your experiences with those around you whether it is your aim to educate, debate or to inspire. I personally use my blog to post about my experiences as a writer, but I also post about things other than writing. Catch me on a bad day and you may see a rant or two on my blog. In all seriousness though, blogs add color to the world of writing, reading and entertainment and I for one can appreciate reading a good blog whether it has something to do with literature, food (my weakness), art or travel. If you are a blogger or writer, I say blog on! The world of blogging needs you!

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Blog, Blog, Blog…

Happy blogging!

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