Writing Goals for the New Year

The year 2016 is practically around the corner and for the first time in a long time I am excited to see a fresh new year! I have higher hopes, bigger dreams and even bigger aspirations as a writer for the year 2016. I am declaring the New Year as my best year as a writer and I plan on making good on that claim. I am aiming high for the New Year and I plan on hitting every mark. For me, making a list of goals is not something you haphazardly jot down and soon forget about. It is much more than that. Having a list of goals to accomplish is one thing. Having the guts, motivation and determination to attain those goals is another. I am sure disappointments will come, mistakes will be made and I am almost certain that a wrench or two will interfere with a few of my writing plans, but even as those deterrents arise, I will still rise as a writer because failure is not an option for me. I have my heart set on being a full-time writer and I am going to do whatever it takes to make that long held dream of mine a reality.


Take a look below at a few of the things I am aiming to accomplish in the New Year. Tag along because this is going to be fun!


• Write three short stories
• Write a book of poems
• Write a second novel

If you are a writer, what are your writing goals for the New Year?

Happy Writing!

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4 thoughts on “Writing Goals for the New Year”

      1. Thank you! And, so can you! I love the writer communities because it really inspires me, even though you can say it’s ‘against the odds’
        Keep writing and I am looking forward to reading your blog! 🙂

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