The year 2015 has been both good and bad to me as a debuting author. Does the first sentence in my blog post shock you? I sincerely hope not. You see, I have never been one to lollygag when it comes to my words so I am going to give it to you straight since that is the only way I know how. I have no shame or embarrassment admitting any of this because it is the truth. Why lie? This is an honest reflection of my life in 2015 and I would like to share it with you if I may.

reflecting by myself cartoon

In this funny thing that we all call life, I had to deal with drawbacks, setbacks, disappointments and of course, a few failures as a debuting author. You would think a year full of letdowns would have killed my spirit for writing, but ironically it only bolstered it. You have to understand one thing about me, my passion for writing runs very deep so failure for me was not even an option. I have never been the type to give up when things get hard, tough or when things don’t go my way. Hindrances and disappointments don’t faze me one bit. Obstacles only make me want to succeed even more.

3d road sign obstacle ahead

Despite my snags, fears and a few shed tears, there was some good that came out of it all. I have met hundreds of awesome writers and authors, I have received positive reviews on both of my books and I had the opportunity to connect with a boatload of wonderful readers who appreciate my “in your face” writing style. Granted, for me the year 2015 got off to a less than stellar start, but it was all worth it in the end. You see, struggle has a way of making you appreciate the little things along the way as you slowly make your way towards your own definition of success. As the year 2015 slowly draws to a close, who knows what the year 2016 will bring. I personally hope that it will be the start of good things to come, but until then I will keep pressing forward as I strive to make my own stake as both a writer and an author.


May all of your dreams and aspirations come true!
~A.L. Gibson

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