The Wonders of Writing

I have been asked numerous times why do I write? Those closest to me really want to know why I am so passionate about writing. Some are puzzled, others are curious and then there are those who seemed to be genuinely interested. Truth be told, I love it when I am asked that question because it opens up the opportunity for me to express and share my enthusiasm for writing. Writing to me is one of the best pass times because I am given the freedom to express myself freely in the stories that I write. What I enjoy the most about being a writer (above everything else) is hearing from readers; that to me makes writing worth my while. I love hearing from readers and reading their reviews. That is the whole point of writing! Writers want to hear from their readers and I most certainly welcome their opinions and views. If I can touch a reader’s core in a positive way, whether big or small, I feel a great sense of accomplishment in my writing.


It was never my intention to become rich or famous, but it was my intention to entertain readers whether that reader base is big or small. Money is not the heart of the matter to me, inspiring others is. That is why I am so excited that my short story about bullying entitled Spurned is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Bullying has grown to epic proportions and as a person who was once bullied as a child, I feel motivated to share my story with others. Writing is a great avenue for sharing your imagination with others and what better way to do that than with an entertaining story. After all, sharing is caring.

Happy reading and writing!
~A.L. Gibson

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