Spurned: A Short Story

I am thrilled to announce that in a few more weeks Spurned: A Short Story will be released! As I sit here anticipating its debut, I can’t help but to wonder how readers will react to it. After all, it is a story that touches on bullying, peer pressure and low self-esteem. You may have already guessed that this is not your average cookie cutter short story, but it does have its “sweet spots.” Although it is a fictional story, there are elements in this story that I pulled from my own life. I was once bullied, struggled with low self-esteem and of course I had to deal with peer pressure, something that we have all experienced at least once in our lives. Seeing how bullying has quickly become an epidemic in schools, not just here in the United States but all across the world, I found it necessary to share some of my own experiences in this story. Make no mistake, bullying is not just physical harassment; it can be verbal, mental, and even emotional.

It is my hope that readers, especially those who are being bullied, will draw inspiration from this story because I know just how painful bullying can be. I want those who are currently being bullied to be determined to rise above their bullies and to keep on succeeding because in the end, after all has been said and done, they will be on the winning end. For those of you who are being bullied, I added a special encouraging segment just for you at the very end of this story, but you’ll have to read the story to find out what it is.

Spurned: A Short Story Coming Soon!

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