Bullied But Not Broken

Bullying is a serious problem that is affecting more and more children every single day. It has become so widespread that I am tempted to say that bullying has become an epidemic. Children are being targeted in the worst way by school bullies and it seems like nothing is being done to stop such ravenous behavior. It breaks my heart when I hear reports about children taking their own lives because they were being bullied mercilessly day in and day out in school. It also makes me angry when I hear how bullies mock or make fun of the fact that the child they once bullied committed suicide. The effects of a child committing suicide reaches far beyond what any of us can imagine and the pain it causes is hard to bear. Bullying is no laughing matter and it is definitely not something that should be ignored or mocked.

As a child that was once bullied, I can tell you that bullying takes a toll on just about every part of your body and a lot of that is due to the stress of bullying. You wake up with knots in your stomach because you don’t know what to expect from your tormenters each and every day. Some days it may consist of name calling, other days it may consist of knocking you against the wall, the ground or even worse. I can remember times when I would be too nervous to eat because my nerves were in a bundle. Why? Because my body was racked with fear. Bullying is not only physical torture but it is also psychological torture.

In my blunt opinion, if a child commits suicide due to being bullied in school, there are two parties to blame. The first one being the parents of these bullies and the second being the members of the school board. If you know your child is a bully, why allow them to continue such despicable behavior? What if you were the parent of that other child being bullied? Put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if you saw your child coming home from school with bumps and bruises every day? There are millions of parents who feel powerless because they can’t protect their own child from being attacked at school which is why I blame members of the school board as well. Yes, we know you are “overwhelmed” and “under-staffed” but when you took your job, you knew that your job consisted of not only educating children but also protecting children.

If it sounds like I am ranting, that is because I am. This is by far one of the longest posts I have ever written on my blog and that is because I am passionate about stomping out bullying in our schools. My next piece of written work entitled Spurned: A Short Story talks about bullying and its effects. For those of you who have been bullied, I would like for you to read this story because it is a story inspired by events that have taken place in my life. I know how you feel and I completely understand what you are going through, but trust me when I say that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. All you have to do is just hang in there and stay strong. For you bullies, you are nothing but a waste of air and space so change up your act because most of the people you are now bullying will soon get the last laugh.

Spurned: A Short Story Coming soon!

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