The Influence of Writing

Whether you enjoy reading as a source of entertainment or watching your favorite TV show, drama or movie for leisure, the one common thread that links them all together is the act of writing. If you really take the time to sit down and think about it, the power of writing affects us each and every day. Take your favorite journal or magazine for instance. Your favorite journal or magazine would have never come into fruition if that very someone didn’t take the time out to sit down and write it. What about your favorite book, TV show, drama or movie? What do you think it took to make your favorite book, TV show, drama or movie into something so captivating, breathtaking and engaging? It took someone’s wild imagination, brainstorming and of course the skill of writing. Let us not forget the documentaries (which are my favorite) since most documentaries involve ambition and above all else the courage to make. That too involves the power of writing. Not to get off subject, but documentaries in my opinion hold a special place in our society because they take aim at important issues and subject matters that are generally shied away from or barely discussed as a whole. It takes gusto to write about something that most people are afraid to discuss let alone turn it into a groundbreaking film.


Without writers simply put, the world as a whole would be pretty bland and boring. There wouldn’t be anything entertaining to read and there most certainly wouldn’t be anything interesting to watch. Are we not grateful to have a world full of amazing writers? Those well-known and those soon to be known. So the next time you are waiting in line at the supermarket or waiting at a doctor’s office and you unknowingly pick up a magazine or book to read just to pass the time, thank a writer because without them your wait would be just plain dull.

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