Confessions From A Starving Writer

It has been a while since my last blog post, but let me say this, it was not on purpose. I know that I don’t post on a daily basis, but the fact is, I work full-time and on some days overtime (hammercy)! Not as a writer (although that is my H.O.P.E. one day) but as a healthcare professional.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love my job because I enjoy helping people, but I have to be honest and say that writing gives my world a whole new meaning. Every since I published my debut novel Poka City Blues, all I can think about is writing my next story. Believe it or not, I have quite a few of them running around in this ole noggin’ of mine, my biggest issue however is finding the time to put them all down on paper. I’m currently finishing up a short story that I have been working on and I can’t wait to put the finishing touches on it. I’m so close to being done that I can not only see it, but I can also taste it!


One thing I have learned through my journey of writing is not to rush or overdo things. Let’s face it, sometimes we can’t do everything that we want to do at the time (or times) that we want to do it, and that my friend is okay. I used to beat myself up about it, but now I don’t. If I get to it, then I’ll get to it, if I don’t then I don’t. There is a saying that “good things come to those that wait” and in my particular case, that is true. My stories are much richer when I take my time and allow my stories to come to me, rather than me forcing them to come.  My Mama used to say that rushing is for fools–Now I have been called quite a few things, but a fool was never one of them. We as writers have our hands full when it comes to penning intriguing stories. There is the brainstorming and let us not forget –> the editing, but what is the point of writing if you aren’t have fun doing it?

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