What Is In A Review?

What is in a review? Well, that depends on who you ask. Some will say a review can make or break you. Others will say it really does not matter. I say that it is a little bit of both. Nevertheless, reviews in the end do hold a lot of weight. I never gave that much thought into what goes into a review or how important a review is until I self-published my debut novel Poka City Blues. I have to admit that at first, I was a little weary about how other readers would identify with my book because there were dozens upon dozens of articles about how important it is for a writer / author to have nothing but great reviews. Getting a bad review was like one of the worst things in the world according to a few of those articles and sure enough, I soon started to dread about getting my first “bad” or negative review. That is, until I came to my senses.

Good Review? Bad Review?
Good Review? Bad Review?

I had to convince myself that getting a bad review is not the end of the world. After all, we as a people are different when it comes to our likes and dislikes. What one person may like, the next person may despise, but hey, that is okay. Some of the greatest movies of all time had less than stellar reviews and some of the best books ever written were met with harsh criticism. Besides, a review can be perceived in many different ways depending on how you look at it. There is not one movie ever scripted or one book ever written that has nothing but good reviews. Somewhere amongst those reviews there is one person (or several persons) who did not like it or particularly cared for it. Now, I worry less about getting bad reviews and focus more on writing. Poka City Blues has only been in the book market for four months and I know that soon enough I will get my first “bad” review. When that day comes, I will accept it with grace and move on. In the end, a review is like an opinion; everybody has one. I see no problem in respecting that.

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