I Write What I Wanna Write. Do You?

You can’t say that. You can’t write that. Oh, really? Guess what? I did. I do not like constraints and I have never liked for anyone to tell me that I cannot do something or that I am not good enough to do something. If you really want to light my fire or get me going, say one or both of those things to me. I’ll be sure to add you to my “prove you wrong” list. I have never been short when it comes to words and when it comes to my writing, I leave no words to spare. When I write a story that is passionate, near and dear to my heart, I write with everything I have inside of me. I do not wonder whether or not my writing fits into an “acceptable box” because I live and think outside of the box. I will be the first to say and admit that I am an unconventional writer, but it is working out just fine for me. I am slowly but surely reaching readers who appreciate my brutal honesty and my fearless passion for writing. I am a firm believer that with patience comes greatness and I have no qualms when it comes to waiting for mine. So go on, write you feel and don’t let anything hold you back. Not everyone is going to like you as a person and not everyone is going to particular care for your “form” of writing, but why worry yourself over that. You can’t please everybody. With that being said, Write On!!!


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