One Writer’s Musings: You Said What?!

I will admit, I am not your typical writer or your average person for that matter. I have never been one that you could easily fit into a mold, shape or even attempt to try and categorize. I march to the beat of my own drum, dance to my own tunes, and I have been that way since day one, or at least for as long as I can remember. Trying to figure me out is no easy task so heed my advice when I say: don’t even bother. I am different from a lot of people, but I like that because that is what makes me and my writing style so unique. Now I am not saying all of this to scare or turn anyone off because the truth is, I am one of the funniest people you could ever meet. Laughing is “my thing” and if I had to estimate how many times I laugh a day, it is well over twenty times. One meeting with me and I will have you in tears from laughing or falling out laughing. After all, laughter is good for the soul plus it keeps you young. I love to tell a good joke, but hearing one is even better. Since you are still reading, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.


I have never been short on words when it comes to my writing (and I never will) because when I write I write fearlessly. I do not wonder or worry about how different my writing style is from other writers because I do not want to write like any other writer. Writers are like rainbows, we come in a multitude of colors. Adding to that, our range of writing is just as colorful. Once you open up and read one of my books, you will immediately see just how different my writing style is. I am straight-forward, quick-witted, sharp-tongued and at times graphic. I write things that you won’t normally find in most books, I quote sayings that most people have never even heard of, and I write about things that most readers might describe as cringe-worthy. I write from pain and personal experience amongst many other things, but my main purpose for writing the way that I do is to show that there is beauty in every style of writing. If you like cookie cutter stories, don’t pick up one of my books. If you have what my mother refers to as a “chicken heart” don’t pick up one of my books. If you have thick skin and don’t get offended easily then by all means pick up one of my books. You might cringe, feel ashamed or even get embarrassed from what you might read, but at least you will feel inspired after the book has been all read and done.

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