Sedelia: A Heroine, Not a Victim

Once readers begin reading Poka City Blues, they may feel tempted to feel sorry for the main character Sedelia as she recounts her days of growing up in Poka City. As Sedelia describes her hardships and struggles in graphic detail, it is kind of hard not to feel sorry for her or even pity her; however, that is not how Sedelia wants her readers to see her. Rather than feel sorry for her, Sedelia wants her readers to be empowered by her strength, determination and resilience despite being slapped in the face time and time again with setbacks and heartache. There is a saying that struggle has a way of making us stronger, and that is certainly the case with Sedelia.


I have had quite a few readers tell me that they were broken up by Sedelia’s story and at times became a little angry which is understandable considering what all she has been through, but instead of feeling sorry for her, I want readers to be inspired by her. Why? Because this is a woman who was able to smile in the face of severe trials while never losing hope or sight of who she is. Sedelia is far from a victim; she is indeed one heck of a heroine.

Now Available on Amazon!
Now Available on Amazon!

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