The Beauty Of Writing


Some people see writing as a mere hobby, but to me writing is much more than a hobby. Writing has a deeper meaning for me because it is something that I thoroughly enjoy. When I am flushed with a lot of emotions or my mind is bursting at the seams with new ideas or thoughts, writing gives me that outlet to say whatever I want to say and to create whatever it is that I want to create. Writing, to me, is soothing and therapeutic because when I am writing I can completely be myself and immerse myself fully in my own thoughts. The saying “a mind is a terrible thing to waste” is true because the mind is truly an enchanting thing. Our minds, if we let it, can help change and shape the world for the better as well as inspire and motivate those around us. If we used our minds for the greater good, there is no telling what we could do or accomplish. I have no doubt that the world itself would be a much better place.

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