What do I hope to accomplish with my debut novel Poka City Blues?

I must admit, as a debut novelist, I have a lot of hope and expectation for my novel Poka City Blues. This novel is very near and dear to me because of the strong connection I have with it. Even though it is a work of fiction, there are quite a few things in Poka City Blues that are very true. Some experiences I have taken from my own life, others I have taken from those closest to me. Poka City Blues is about making it through unimaginable adversities and being able to still smile in the end. We have all at some point in our lives experienced trials that at the time may have seem hard to get through, but with strength and determination we are able to look back and see just hard far we made it despite some of the adversities we have been through. What I hope for the most is not to gain fame, but a sense of satisfaction in knowing that my novel was able to help inspire those who have also experienced poverty, rape and or abuse.

Debut Novel Poka City Blues Coming Soon!
Poka City Blues Coming Soon!

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