What prompted me to write Poka City Blues?

I decided to write Poka City Blues for several reasons

1) I wanted to write a story that was unlike any other story that has ever been written or read. There are some things written in Poka City Blues that are so upfront and direct, it may cause some readers to be taken aback. It was not my intention to write a cookie cutter story. These are things that have taken place in my life and that of my family so I want my readers to not only imagine but to also feel some of the same things we as a family once felt.

2) Since this is a fictional story inspired by true life events, I wanted to inspire those who have also experienced rape, extreme poverty or abuse. Out of those three, I cannot say which one is the worst but what I can say is that each one of those unfortunate circumstances takes a part of you emotionally, mentally and physically.

3) It was a challenge. I have always enjoyed writing, but I never thought I had the talent to write a whole story. Here it is, almost seven months later and in just a few days I will be introducing the world to Poka City Blues.

4) I wanted to write something that would leave readers thinking about what they read long after they read it. If you are still discussing Poka City Blues days after you have read it, then I have done my job.

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